The Caring Company

The Caring Company Scheme is administered by the Hong Kong Council of Social Services. Combine Will has been a part of this movement, which seeks to bring organisations together to provide help and relief for the disadvantaged and to build a community spirit within society. As a Caring Company, Combine Will has initiated outreach programmes focused on improving the welfare of disadvantaged children, young people and the elderly through a systematical and planned approach, using various channels to utilise our corporate resources. Through volunteer works, educational and skills training and donations to the community, our Group has contributed to the betterment of society.

A few key programmes encapsulate our Group’s spirit of voluntarism. In the past year, our Group undertook voluntary works for Shaoguan School as well as visits to elderly homes. We provided scholarships for the Hong Kong Vocational Training Council Design Education Fund and the Hong Kong Vocational Training Council Prime Enterprises Internship Scholarship. We were a sponsor of one of our customers’ charity programmes, providing the monthly ward fee for two sick children as well as donating towards the charity’s Golf Tournament and Gala Dinner.

Aside from donations, our Group provided internship opportunities with and study visits to the organisation for students and young people to enable them to gain an understanding of the process of toy manufacturing and other areas of the industry and to give them hands-on experiences in the industry.

Through these efforts, Combine Will has succeeded in building a participative culture within the organisation which has seen our employees and their families actively engaged in these community and welfare activities to reach out to those in society most in need of help.