Business Model

Combine Will's vertically integrated business model which includes a broad spectrum of services and capabilities in the design and supply of premium products, toys, consumer products, position us as a unique one-stop solution provider that sets us apart from the competition.

  • ODM / OEM

    We are a niche ODM/OEM of corporate premiums, toys and consumer products. Our ODM/OEM R&D team is fully integrated with our manufacturing and production team to ensure a one-stop, seamless development of our customers' products from inception to fruition.

    Our R&D team is involved in the customers' projects right from conceptualisation to the production and supply of products and solutions. Whether it is an innovative idea from a customer or one that is initiated by us, our R&D team is involved in various aspects of the development process such as providing designs to meet the product specifications and giving advice on the functional capabilities and manufacturability of the products. Our commitment to employing new processing methods in integrating aesthetics, form and moulding has helped customers to conceptualize and launch novel product lines. Where required, we will set up a specific testing centre for the evaluation of customers' products which has, in the past, resulted in quicker turnaround and shorter time to market.

    We utilize innovative processing methods and applications of unique technologies for use in our production process, so that our customers can benefit from greater cost savings and enhance their competitiveness.