• Tang Kai Man, Nicholas
    Director of R&D and Engineering, ODM/OEM Business Unit

    Mr. Tang Kai Man, Nicholas has been the Director of R&D and Engineering, ODM/OEM Business Unit since 2008 and is responsible for the design, research, development and engineering function of our ODM/OEM Business Unit. Recently, he is also responsible for the development of our Indonesia plant.

    Prior to joining our group, Mr. Tang has been working in toy manufacturing industry for 30 years. He was the Director/General Manager of Hutchison Harbour Ring Group, Engineering Director of Hasbro Toys, Galco Toys and General Manager of Buddy L (HK) Ltd where he started as Project Engineer. He has extensive experience in product engineering and manufacturing.

    Mr. Tang graduated from the Hong Kong Polytechnic with Associateship in Production and Industrial Engineering and passed the Council of Engineering Institute (CEI) Part 2 in 1977.

  • Qiu Guo Lian, David
    Chief Production Officer, Head of Operations,
    ODM/OEM Business Unit

    Mr. Qiu Guo Lian, David has been the General Manager, Head of Operations of our ODM/OEM Business Unit since 1992 and has been responsible for the plant operations of our ODM/OEM Business Unit.

    Prior to joining our Group, he was a senior supervisor at Wah Shing Toys Co., Ltd. for four years and was involved in production planning and material control.

    Mr. Qiu graduated with a college diploma in Education in English from the Huizhou Educational College in 1987.

  • Xu Nan Yun, Steven
    Acting Chief Financial Officer

    Mr. Xu Nan Yun, Steven has been the Acting Chief Financial Officer of our Group on 8 November 2016 and is responsible for the accounting and financial operations of the group. Mr. Xu has been with our Group since 1999.

    Prior to joining our Group, Mr. Xu had worked at Heping middle school from 1993 to 1996 as a math teacher and was responsible for instructing students in mathematics.

    Mr. Xu graduated with an Accounting degree from the Foshan University, Guandong province in 1996 and obtained the occupational qualification of Medium Level Accountant.