Engineering Capability

Our engineers are capable of delivering solutions to the various specific requirements of our customers. We have different teams of engineers specialising in production design, prototyping, mould making, product design validation and manufacturing set up.

Production Design

Our engineers are capable of designing products from preliminary product concept and specific requirements provided by the customer. In this phrase, we will provide customers with product rendering for illustration of product function and CAD designs for detail product engineering design. If required, breadboard model can be fabricated to evaluate the basic functions. It is important to incorporate product reliability and manufacturing efficiency at the engineering design stage.

Mould Making

Altrust, our own mould shop plays a very important role in the design and fabrication of moulds required for both pilot run and mass production. Equipped with sophisticated and state-of-the-art machinery, quality moulds with high precision can be completed within a short time frame, which is vital for the success of product launch to the market.

Manufacturing Setup

As production efficiency plays an important part in the control of the production cost of a product, our manufacturing team has always strived to achieve the ultimate production efficiency without compromising the quality of the products. Automated assembly work stations are designed and incorporated in our manufacturing setup so as to provide a consistent flow on the production line.


We rely on our affiliated model shops to provide working prototypes for validation of product designs and to provide sales samples for our customers. These prototypes can be fabricated directly from the CAD files. For more sophisticated parts or products, respective pilot tooling can be made to provide moulded parts for intensive evaluation and testing.

Product Design Validation

During this phrase, our engineering team and colleagues from the Quality department will carry out extensive testing to ensure that the final finished products meet the specific requirements of our customers and comply with the respective international product safety regulations and standards. In addition, we also have to make sure that the finished product is capable of being mass produced seamlessly.